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1 Finally... on Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:14 pm

It's the same fucking routine every day, but at least it was bearable before. Now it's just sad. Lonely. I wake up in this rat's nest apartment, to the sound of rodents chattering away in the walls. Scarf down whatever remnants of last night's meal are in the ice box, and tug on whatever clothes are at the top of the 'clean' pile. Grabbing Maja's old guitar, I head out of my apartment. 

How my day goes is entirely dependent on who's working the bar down at The Rusty Nail. My stomach is already flipping anxiously at the thought. Richie hasn't been to work in a few days, so he's due for a shift, and Richie hates me. Says I'm bad for business. I say he's just a prick. I spend much of my days there when Walyan or Itsy are tending bar, and no one so much as complains.

I'm kind of hoping Itsy is there. Waylan is indifferent to my being at the bar, but Itsy is almost friendly. She reminds me of Maja, with her charisma. Broad smile, loud laugh, and all-around good nature, it's no wonder she's found her niche behind the bar. I've seen the things people leave as tips. 

I'm relieved to see Itsy rested against the bar, in the midst of talking to a few travelers as they dine. She glances up as I enter, waving at me with a smile as I take my usual spot in the corner. Out of people's way, but still present enough that people will leave the occasional coin on my table. It's always something small, usually copper. Pence, the occasional silver piece. But it's rare, and today is no different. The hours pass, with only a small few people heading towards my table to drop their change. Never make eye contact, keep my head down. It's the same mantra it has been for years. 

Scars are no oddity in this world, with travelers coming through who often times hardly look human anymore, their faces and skin mutated and discolored from years in the wilds. But scars are not things people look for on their entertainers. We're here to distract them from the evils outside the cities, to offer an escape, and because of that, I keep my hood drawn and my scarred face in the shadows. Fingers plucking away.

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2 Re: Finally... on Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:06 pm

It's raining as the wagon I'm on rolls into the walled off little town of Old North. I've been away so long, I'd almost forgotten the familiar and welcoming scent of home masked behind the blanket of wetness. I pat the side of the wagon as we roll up in front of The Rusty Nail, the sound of hooves clacking on cracked pavement as we slow to a stop.

"You need any help with your bags?" one of the men on the cart asks as I slip off the end and turn to grab my things. He's been eyeing me since I got on, though he doesn't realize I know this, my lack of vision giving him a false sense of security as he scrutinizes my weaknesses. 

"No, thank you," I say politely as I put one of the bags over my shoulder before hoisting the other one up and grabbing my cane from the cart. "I'll manage." I'm not about to have some rat make off with half my goods. "Thanks for the ride, Jimmy!" I call up to the driver. "See you next season?"

"Always," the man responds, flicking the reins as I turn toward the bar. I don't really need the cane to find my way to the door, the area so familiar I could navigate it easily even without my senses. Still, I tap at the sidewalk as I go, as much for show as to reassure my own senses as I listen to the echoing click of the cane bounce off the face of the bar as I get closer.

I can't help but smile as I approach the bar and hear Ljuba's guitar filtering through the doors. I can almost feel my chest swell with the anticipation of hugging her after I walk in. Itsy is behind the bar, her laugh catching my ear as surely as Ljuba's music when I push the door open.

"Hey, Itsy," I wave as I let the door swing shut behind me, my cane dangling from my wrist as I begin shucking the bags from my shoulders before I've even made it halfway to Ljuba's table.

"Marn'!" the woman calls back with a grin as she returns the wave. 

"And Ljubie," I grin as I approach the table, dropping my bags and my cane to hold my arms out expectantly.

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3 Re: Finally... on Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:14 pm

As soon as I hear the familiar voice address Itsy, my guitar quiets as I look up to see Marnin heading for the table. Despite not wanting to, my lips spread crookedly into a grin as I set my guitar on the table and sit up to watch him. 

"Uh-uh," I hum up towards him, sliding towards the edge of the bench towards him as I cross my arms. I kick at his bag as it hits the ground, glancing down at it a bit curiously. "Dick."

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4 Re: Finally... on Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:17 pm

"Aw, what's that for?" I pout as the bag hits the floor, my arms sagging as I squat down to search for the bag with an exaggerated helplessness, my hands searching across the floor blindly. "I got you a present and everything!"

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5 Re: Finally... on Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:19 pm

"I don't want a present," I respond quietly, watching him grab the edge of the bag as he tugs it back between us. "You didn't even say bye, you know."

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