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Trigger Happy Jack II

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51 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:54 pm

"I doubt he cares about the numbers," I scoff lightly, my plate resting on my legs as I cut my food into small bites before eating them carefully. It hurts to chew. "Ordinary business always seems so beneath him... a chance to show off, though... Whatever the motive, I'm sure you'll enjoy the show."

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52 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:00 pm

Laughing, I set my whiskey down as I rise to go inspect the cart, taking care to give Marnin a wide berth given his seeming suspicion of me. 

"Perhaps. It does seem as though he's more invested in the transaction than we are. I mean, of course we'd love to be in business with the Braddock name, it carries a lot of weight in this region, but I did find it odd when he sent word he'd be interested." I explain, filling up a bowl with whatever raw fruits I can find.

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53 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:17 pm

"I see," I frown, my fork hesitating over my plate as I consider that information. "It does occur to you that he's playing a Game, does it not? Whatever this is, it has nothing at all to do with trade routes. You're from the North, that much is obvious from your accent, and we already have relations with everyone we care to in the North. Which means he's brought you here for some other reason."

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54 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:20 pm

"Is that so?" I ask him, my tone carrying a bit more weight as I look at him seriously. "Are you saying he's uninterested in the transaction because we aren't worthy of his time? Or-" I stop for a moment, setting down the bowl of fruit as I rest my hands on the cart. 

"I don't take kindly to being toyed with, so if you believe there's some ulterior motive in my presence here, I'd like to know."

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55 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:44 pm

"I'm not saying you're unworthy of his time-," I falter at the sterness of her voice. "Just - ignore me. I don't know what his motives are - I've only just gotten back after six years away. I couldn't possibly fathom what twists and turns his thought process has taken in regards to the politics of trade. I just know that there are certain families in the North that - six years ago - he never would have shown an interest in because they were far too proud to subsist on the scraps of respect he tends to throw out for the people he chooses to entertain himself with.

"Believe me, my lady," my voice carries the earnestly apologetic tone to it that was always far too familiar for my taste when it came to dealing with Richard's business partners. "Whatever fanciful itch he's trying to scratch, I can assure you that you and your family's business is respected and we are grateful for it... it's just that Richard, bless his heart, is far too easily distracted by things he might find more... entertaining. That's why, typically, the business negotiations always fell to me or to one of his emissaries. Now that I'm back, I can work to keep his attention focused on the business at hand."

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56 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 7:51 pm

I groan at the ramble of niceties and formalities he rattles off, shoving the cart out of my way as I grab my whiskey and pace the room tiredly. I'm hungry, and I'm not entirely willing to eat anything Wilson hasn't brought me himself. 

"Don't talk to me like you're one of his errand boys, Marnin. In the brief time I've been here, on top of the depraved reputation that precedes your husband, I'm starting to think you may be on to something. Just know, if he's brought us here to bat us around like mice being taunted by a cat, it will not end well for Orlais." I say fiercely, glancing his way each time I turn in my pacing. "My father was maniacal, but inconsistent in the way he did his business, and I have spent years to correct that. I won't be made a fool by the Braddock name."

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57 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:10 pm

Her anger is real. Strange as it is, it's almost a relief. I don't feel so cowed knowing that her response is one of genuine outrage, that she can't possibly be one of Richard's agents. My back straightens at that, and I put my plate aside as I get to my feet with more confidence.

"Then allow me to correct it," I say firmly. Despite the very real fear that I've fucked this up for Richard, there's still some strength in me - something I've built on my own in my time away. "Whatever his plans, Richard is not the only one who speaks for Orlais. This estate belonged to me before he got his hands on it, and in my time away, I've built my own network outside of Orlais. Its leanings are more toward subterfuge than it is toward the grand gestures of intrigue that Richard prefers, but I think for an intelligent woman such as yourself, it could be of monumental use. Richard need never know of it, and your influence would be greatly advanced - as far out as the Wall of the Western Wastes.

"Richard may have his laugh, whatever it turns out to be," I say more lightly. "But I see no reason why you can't leave here with great gains for your family."

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58 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:25 pm

I stop my pacing to look at him, my lips tight with a mixture of annoyance and consideration.

"Forgive me if I don't gush with relief at your offer - you don't strike me as a man with power." I say roughly, looking him over. "I don't relish being in business with someone who will cower at the thought of an empty whiskey glass."

Before I can continue, there's a sharp knock at the door. Setting my glass down, I walk towards it, pulling it open to see Wilson standing there with a tray in his hands. 

"About time," I gripe, shoving the door open as I step in to let him enter. "Just put it somewhere, I don't care."

Wilson steps in, hesitating at the sight of Marnin before glancing back to me uncertainly.

"Wasn't aware you'd hired company for the evening..." He remarks, and I scoff in mild amusement before retrieving my drink. "Couldn't have found a less-used model?"

"Meet the husband." I say with a sickening sweetness. "Appears my room has been double booked for my stay."

Wilson's jaw tenses as he looks Marnin over warily, setting the tray off towards the bed before his tucks his hands into his pockets. He's a large man, broad and tall, with a face that can be just as warm and friendly as it is now brutish and intimidating.

"He's blind, so you can stop your peacocking about." I sigh, "And, it would appear, harmless. Man's half broken, I could knock him over with a puff of air."

"Why's he here?" Wilson asks gruffly, his attention returning to me as he seems to curl his lip at my attire. "And why are you not wearing pants?"

"Well, he's blind, so I doubt my legs are at risk of having their virtue stolen." I say, taking a drink of whiskey. "As for why he's here, I don't know. You'd have to ask our gracious host why he's sent me a broken bunkmate. Makes for a good servant, though I'd rather be sent someone who isn't oozing and bruised. Did you bring my dinner?"

"Cooked it myself." Wilson responds, still eyeing Marnin every now and again. "How long has he been in here?"

"Why?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at my brother as I laugh, "Want to know which of your men is getting their legs broken?"

"I told them to sit on your room." He grinds back at me, clearly unnerved by Marnin's presence in the room. "So, yes, there will be discipline awaiting one of them."

"Half an hour, maybe. I don't know, I've been drinking." I shrug, waving my hand a bit as I gesture towards Marnin. "How long have you been in here?"

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59 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:35 pm

"Do I look like I can read a clock?" I respond a bit crossly. I don't much appreciate being talked about as though I'm not in the room. Still, I resist the urge to roll my eyes, my tone becoming more hospitable as I answer the question more appropriately. "Seventeen minutes. I believe your last guard was keen on the aftershave. I smelled it lingering in the halls when I arrived."

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60 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:42 pm

"Harold always reeks like a pubescent twit," I say, looking at Wilson tiredly. "So, go. Break legs."

Wilson doesn't seem to thrilled at my subtle dismissal, taking one final look at Marnin before he turns to leave the room. "Harold will be dealt with," He says as he lingers near the door, "I'll be around to check on you often, don't stray without telling someone where you are."

"Of course not," I smile sweetly, clearly annoyed with his protective nature. "I'll leave a detailed itinerary with every hand in the estate. Don't forget to tell your men to let the next guest through, as well. I do have hired company coming."

"Ha," He grouses, leaving abruptly as I groan. I head for the tray he's set down, lifting the cover to find the thinly sliced rare steak and lightly steamed vegetables. Fresh, and just the way I like it. Taking the plate, I grab a fork and napkin and return to my chair, sinking into it without much thought at the odd encounter.

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61 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:51 pm

"You don't really, do you..?" I ask hesitantly. I really don't want to be present for that. Any inclination I'd had toward intimacy when I was with Ljuba has fled to the darkest corners of my mind, and just the thought of being made to listen to someone else makes my stomach churn with anxiety.

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62 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:52 pm

"Wh-" I look up at him from my plate, shaking my head as I laugh lightly. "No. Can't say 'Orlais Prostitute' is high on my to-do list."

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63 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:58 pm

"Why not?" I ask, genuinely intrigued. "Have you seen the Orlesian prostitutes? I'm blind and even I find them stunning to look at. Though I suppose if it's the male ones you're after, they are a little more pretty than they are handsome, aren't they? Elf-like. Comes with the breeding, I'm afraid. The local nobility has a history of enjoying the company of Echoes and other such descendants of the original Colossus. Makes for pretty faces and an exotic thrill, I guess."

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64 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:00 pm

"I find most Orlesians to be a tad on the obnoxiously big-headed side." I say bluntly, taking a bite of my food. "You know. Pretentious.

"And I have little use for prostitutes. If I want to share my bed with someone, I don't need to pay for the company. It's just something that irritates Wilson."

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65 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:09 pm

"I can't imagine he'd let many prostitutes near your room," I comment as I go to take a seat on the bed. This time I don't falter at the claim - it is my bed, after all. "Or anyone else for that matter. He's very large."

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66 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:20 pm

"Which is why it's fun to let him think they get through when he isn't looking." I shrug, glancing at him as he sits on the bed.

"Will we be sharing tonight?"

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67 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:33 pm

"I-," I frown at the question, a flicker of annoyance that she would ask sparking in my chest before a thought occurs to me. "Yes. I think we will. If Richard wishes to play games with us, then why don't we play one of our own?"

I can't help but smirk at the thought of the boiling rage his jealousy will send him into. It would frighten me, were it not for the tickle of delight I get at his possessiveness.

"Nothing needs to happen, of course," I add as I scoot up toward the pillows to make myself more comfortable. "But could you imagine the look on his face when he thinks his plan to make us uncomfortable has backfired so stupendously?"

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68 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:49 pm

I grin as I look over at him, piling a bit of vegetable over my steak as I stab up the bite.

"Just imagine his face if we actually fucked?" I grin, laughing again as I take my bite and sit back to chew it.

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69 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:01 pm

"Is that the charm you use to get men into your bed without paying?" I ask teasingly, grinning as I wink toward her. "Alas, I'm not looking to get you killed or start a war. Sharing a bed will make him suspect and incite his jealousy - but that will be pointed at me, not you. If he smells sex, on the other hand, or any kind of evidence that we've done anything... well, you know his reputation. I'm sure you can imagine what he's done to the few people I've invested any kind of sexual interest in. Let's drive him mad, not get anyone hurt."

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70 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:14 pm

"You say so plainly - as though you weren't brought here for fucking a woman." I remark, busying myself with my plate. "Shall I assume he's rid you of her, then?"

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71 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:22 pm

"It's been two days," I say with no small amount of anguish hiding under the crack in my voice. "I doubt he's had the time to consider what elaborate torture he'll inflict just yet. But soon... I'm certain he will try."

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72 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:23 pm

"Well," I sigh, chewing the last of my bite before I swallow it and take my whiskey in the other hand. "Hope you were worth it."

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73 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:30 pm

"You have a cruelty in you, don't you?" I comment as I cock my head toward her. "Perhaps there is no game, after all. Perhaps he really does have an interest in doing business with you. After all, it is as you say, birds of a feather..."

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74 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:33 pm

I laugh as I look over my shoulder at him, setting my plate aside. 

"I'm of his feather because you find my comments cruel?" I grin, "Sure you just don't want to consider the fact you've gotten a woman killed for doing nothing more than caring for you? Absolve yourself of the responsibility? You know your dear Richard better than anyone, yet you did what you did and you waltzed in here like a victim.

"Don't play surprised because he reacted how he's prone to react, and don't play wounded because I'm not coddling you for your carelessness."

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75 Re: Trigger Happy Jack II on Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:48 pm

"I'm neither surprised nor absolved of anything," I scowl. "You prod - quite intentionally - at things others would have more compassion over. You are of his kind because you find that more entertaining than sympathy. I know my truths - I do not need you to point them out for me. Therefore it is cruelty that motivates you to do so. You know I will find no epiphany in your words - why would I? You're a tradesman here to do business with my husband. It's doubtful you bring any higher wisdom with you - and nothing I would trust even if you had. So why share them except to be cruel?"

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