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Oogy Boogy Woogyman

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1 Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:09 am

When the weekend finally comes, I'm more than a little perturbed to wake up to the sense that I'm not alone. My head lifts off of the pillow as I frown, my ear tilting to listen to the empty room - but I'm too groggy to make sense of any of the noises I hear. Fumbling around for the nightstand, I manage to hit the button on my clock, a musical voice chirping out, eleven fifteen AM.

"Ljuba?" I call out to the darkness, wondering if I had slept through the doorbell. Chewing. That's what that noise is. "...hello?"

"Who's Ljuba?" a voice asks as the smell of expensive shampoo and body soap drifts into the room along with a figure. I let out an annoyed groan and drop my head back on the pillow.

"Richard!" I shout into my pillow, my voice coming out muffled as I try to ignore him. "Who let you in, you bastard?! Go eat your own food!"

"I can't," he says around a mouthful of cereal. "There's a girl there. She won't leave."

"I - are you serious?" I ask incredulously as I lift my head up to glare in his direction. "You had a girl over and left her there to come eat breakfast at my place when she was still there when you woke up? Is that what you're telling me??"

"Basically," he responds with a shrug before scooping another spoonful of cereal into his mouth. "So who's this Ljuba? Is she attractive?"

"How would I know?" I retort as I throw the blankets off of me to swing my legs over the bed.

"You know," Richard says with infuriating certainty as he carries on eating in my doorway. "You always know."

"Bedrooms are for sleeping, Richard," I say, my voice echoing our mothers and earning an immediate eye roll as he turns to walk back toward the sitting room and out toward the stairs leading down to the kitchen.

Sighing, I get to my feet to go relieve myself and prepare a shower. With any luck, I'll be done and dressed before Ljuba actually arrives.

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2 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:14 am

Despite it being very near noon, I can't help the yawning as I wait for the large gates to open as I approach Marnin's house. I'd spent much of the night before anxiously pacing my apartment, the numbing effect of my nightly medicines doing little to ease me to sleep. No, instead, I was up until nearly daybreak and dozed off just before dawn to wake up with a piercing headache not an hour ago.

I could thank the head ache for allowing me to look as put together as I do, because had I not been waiting for my morning tonic to kick in, I'd have thrown on whatever was close and run out the door. No, instead I sorted through my clothes and found an older outfit that'd been shoved at the bottom of a drawer. They were too nice to wear hocking wares on the streets, but too meager to wear anywhere else of note. Still, I felt good in them as I made my way to Marnin's neighborhood. I'd even managed to do something real with my hair. After years of the old mask, I did good to stop it from falling out, but after some toying about with whatever toiletries I'd had shoved away, I discovered my hair was actually quite shiny and smooth if treated properly. 

The entire week had gone by so slowly, my eagerness for the weekend grinding it to a snail's crawl before the anxiety took root and put me on my head. Despite the clothes and the hair, the bag full of whatever books I thought he'd enjoy under my bag (The books that I'd gotten six blocks from my apartment before remembering the man was blind), I was still anxious as the gate creaked open and I made my way down the path to the front door. 

And as I reached up to ring the front bell, I'd even dare to admit I was giddy.

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3 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:25 am


I'm working on my second bowl of cereal, my eyes following Hilda as she works, when the doorbell rings. Hilda glances at me expectantly, my eyebrow arching condescendingly at the unspoken thought before she drops her gaze and hurries to answer the door. I shake my head at her as I look back down at my cereal - leave it to Marnie to ruin a perfectly good servant by answering his own damn doors.

Sighing in exasperation, I slip out of my stool and make my way lazily over to the counter. She hasn't even made coffee. What good is having a servant that doesn't even make coffee?? I give Marnin's coffee machine one glance before understanding why that is. Nope. I turn my attention to the fridge instead, opening it boredly as I begin searching for some other source of caffeine.

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4 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:55 am

I'm greeted by who I can only assume is the maid Marnin mentioned, a woman whose name absolutely escapes me as I thank her for letting me in before telling her I can find my own way. She curtsies slightly before heading back into the kitchen, the sound of rustling in the fridge drawing my attention as I follow her - fully expecting to find Marnin clumsily putting together something for lunch. 

"So what's on the men-" I start with a grin, hesitating as I step in and fail to recognize the frame of the backside protruding from just behind the fridge door. "you. You're not Marnin..?" I ask, almost as if I'm questioning myself as I wait for the door to shut.

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5 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Wed Nov 16, 2016 3:03 am

"Nope," I respond as I pull a can of pop out from the back of the fridge - it's colder - before closing the door. I raise an eyebrow as I lean against the island counter to pop the can open. I'm only still for a moment, though, before I'm stepping over to her and reaching my hand out to grab a probably inappropriate portion of her collar.

"He make that for you?" I ask as my thumb brushes across the leather with interest, the can of pop in my other hand. "You must be Ljuba, then."

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