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Oogy Boogy Woogyman

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106 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:01 am

"Ah," I sigh, shrugging a bit as I look over at him and tuck the chin of my mask onto my shoulder, "I'm pretty sure I have a sink full of dishes and a bed full of laundry to do." I say softly, "I sort of scurried to get ready this morning after oversleeping."

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107 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:11 am

"Aww," I frown sadly, my glass falling to rest on my knee as I tilt my head toward her. "Well, that's a shame, I've had fun this afternoon." 

I'm just about to invite her back tomorrow when I hear voices coming from behind me. I freeze as I listen, Richard's voice coming as no surprise, but the second one sucks all the joy out of the air as a stark frown pinches across my face.

"Marnin?" the voice echoes through the house, growing agitated as Richard continues trying to talk to her despite her mission to find me.

"Son of a bitch," I groan as I sit up and make the effort to get to my feet despite the way the world wants to turn on its side, thanks to the bottle and a half Ljuba and I have managed to finish off. "Richard, if you invited her, I swear to god-!"

"I didn't!" I hear his voice squeak from somewhere in the kitchen, his amusement betraying any innocence he might have had. "We were just chatting - phones, you know - and I mentioned you might have a girl over. I forgot she's a jealous psychopath."

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108 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:15 am

I can barely make out what Richard's yelling, the sound of another voice leaving me thoroughly confused as i twist about in my spot on the steps as Marnin nearly stumbles before getting hold of the door frame. 

"Marn!?" The woman's voice pierces a bit more sharply that time, and my brow pinches uncertainly as I move to stand myself. Marnin is clearly more drunk than I am.

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109 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:24 am

I wince as I hear the click of expensive heels clacking across the floor in the sunroom, Melinda's presence making me cringe as I wave back at Ljuba. "It's fine, everything's fine," I insist before I'm shoved out of the doorway so Melinda can get past me.

"So it's true, then?!" she asks loudly, pointing toward Ljuba in disgust, an expensive bag dangling from her arm. "It's barely been two months, and you're already chasing after some other skank?!"

"Mel, it's been six months, and I am not chasing after anybody!" I protest, trying to usher her back into the sunroom and away from Ljuba.

"It's been less than two months since you last called me, drunk as a skunk then as well, to come wet your grubby little dick!" Melinda snaps as she shoves my hand off of her arm. "And I did, because that's what a loving girlfriend does! Even if you are a drunk and a loser!"

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110 Re: Oogy Boogy Woogyman on Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:28 am

"I'm gonna let you two talk," I say stiffly, pushing myself upright and grabbing my wine glass as I slip into the sunroom. I don't stop as I hear Marn try to call after me, his attempt to stop me failing miserably as the blonde woman continues to shrilly tear into him. 

I don't bother grabbing my shoes or my books as I head into the kitchen, only straightening my mask to better conceal my mouth as I set my glass on the island and look at Richard tiredly. 

"Subtle." I say, looking at him pointedly, "He'd worried earlier because you were being too quiet, and I thought, No, maybe he's just being a mature adult. You showed me, though."

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