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Breaking the Surface

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1 Breaking the Surface on Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:54 am

It's been an entertaining week with Ljuba flitting back and forth between coming when I call and tending to the bedridden Marnin. I take no small amount of joy out of being able to beckon her away from the quietly seething man who made a point to text a not so subtle threat in my direction on the second night I'd pulled her away.

The memory of it still brings a smirk to my lips... which must be an unnerving sight as I tuck the phone back into my pocket and circle around the chair sitting in the middle of the room.

"Please, sir," the tiny man whimpers from the chair, his hands and legs bound to the aged wood. "I swear, I won't tell a soul!"

"I know you won't, Harvey," I say, my tone oily and patient as I continue to walk around him, a bored nail dragging across his exposed skin every now and again. I can't help the grin that comes with every cry of discomfort as dark streaks creep out from every point of contact.

"Really, it wouldn't matter if you did," I admit as I come back around to squat down in front of the quivering man, my teeth unnerving him as I smile broadly as I reach up to dig a nail into the back of his hand. To his credit, he manages not to cry out as I hold it there to continue our chat.

"No one would believe you, if you did... and I would ruin you if you dared. But, you see, we have a new witch in the ranks. Pretty thing, tight little pussy, bit scary. But I think she's forgotten how scary she can be." I frown sadly at that as I reach up, my touch hovering just a hair's breadth from the man's trembling neck as he stretches his head back to keep away from me. Sighing, I drop my hand and get back up to wander over to the workbench situated against the back wall.

"Fortunately, Harvey, my friend," I smile as I glance back at him. "You present the perfect opportunity for... well, practice. Not to worry, though. If all goes well, you won't remember any of this."

"And if it doesn't?" he asks worriedly. "Go to plan, I mean..?"

"Then I'll kill you while she watches," I smile fondly. "She's expressed a distaste for murder, you see. It will motivate her not to fail me next time."

"But!" he yelps, squirming frantically to loosen the restricting bonds around his wrists. "What about this time?! If she knows-,"

"Then I won't get to cherish the look of horror on her face when I kill you," I frown as I grab a length of thick rope from the bench and come over to force it into his mouth, tying it tightly to prevent him from speaking. "There's a good man," I smirk, grabbing his face roughly as he continues trying to thrash away from me. "You just sit tight and behave yourself, and maybe I won't push the limits of her sadistic nature tonight."

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2 Re: Breaking the Surface on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:29 am

I can barely find the address Lavellan's sent me, my nerves getting frayed as I wander deeper into what appears to be a long-abandoned neighborhood. I'm cursing him for what I only assume is some weird fuck session as I make my way into the house once I've found it, the sounds of someone's whimpering leaving my expression pinched as I follow it.

"Oh, what the fuck." I groan audibly as I step into the dimly lit room to find Lavellan pacing around a bound man in a chair, my shoulders sagging as I look at him impatiently. 

"If he's a prostitute, I swear to god."

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3 Re: Breaking the Surface on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:41 am

"Not a prostitute," I smile in amusement at the thought, my nails digging into Harvey's arm as he begins thrashing and grunting in an effort to get Ljuba's attention. "Harvey here is in charges of the books for one of our little projects in the lower levels of the city. He's been overseeing the account for - how long has it been, Harv'?"

I raise an eyebrow at the emphatic grunt he aims at me, the chair bouncing as he tries to turn. He stops immediately as my hand trails up gently to rest on his shoulder, the proximity to his neck making the color drain from his face as the dark streaks become darker and deeper on his pale, freckled flesh.

"Ah, yes, eighteen years," I nod solemnly. "And in that eighteen years, he's been quietly skimming off a handsome little wage for himself and his lovely wife." He stills again as I lean down to whisper in his ear. "She's the one who sold you out, by the way. After I convinced her it was the right thing to do."

I smile at the angry tears that well in his eyes as I glance up at Ljuba.

"I thought it might be kinder not to tell Richard," I shrug. "Figured it might be a good chance for us to do a little training. See if you can impress me."

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4 Re: Breaking the Surface on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:49 am

I scowl slightly as I look at the bound and terrified man, glancing up at Lavellan.

"What the fuck do you want me to do? Scold him?" I ask unenthusiastically, sighing heavily as I shake my head. "Our boy's still on bedrest, my collar is useless."

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5 Re: Breaking the Surface on Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:56 am

"Magic doesn't come from your mouth," I respond as I grab the back of the chair and drag Harvey off to the side without warning, his whole body tensing in shock as the chair is jerked backwards.

"It comes from your blood," I say firmly as I nod toward the workbench. "Find your poison, and give our friend here a reason to fear thieving from us."

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