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Date Night

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1 Date Night on Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:33 pm

After failing to return to Marnin after Lavellan called me away, there's no small a mount of guilt motivating me as I gather the stack of ingredients from the seat beside me on the trolley to get off at the next stop. 

I can't explain it, but there's something about Lavellan I find intoxicatingly hard to resist. Although, that inability to resist never feels quite as enthralling the morning after. This time, it took me two days to work up the nerve to return to Marnin's house, confident I no longer smelled of this other man. 

And I return bearing gifts. It took nearly all day yesterday, but I was able to gather what was left of my busking baubles and sell them to various shops on the switch of shops just before Marnin's shop, earning enough coin to buy the ingredients for a proper meal. A meal Marnin still owes me, to be precise. I even had a bit left over to get a beautiful white wine that should pair well with the fish in the bag on my side. 

Making my way up to his front door, I can't help but feel that guilt trickling back up my throat as I silently wonder if Lavellan will be interrupting our night again, and I dig my hang into my pocket to fidget with my phone absently. It's a new phone, decidedly different from the style Richard had given me, and one I'd gotten with Lavellan's help so I no longer have to worry with hiding it. 

No, this phone is a work phone, so Lavellan can contact me about the shop. Or, at least, that's it's official use, and only use so far. 

Switching the ringer off, I step up to the threshold and knock.

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2 Re: Date Night on Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:54 pm

I curse under my breath as the knock catches me off guard. A feeling of guilty panic washes over me as I clutch at the swinging bag, my shirt sticking to the sweat on my back as I wince at the pain in my hands. I've been gentle, mostly kicking at the bag, but I can't help the feeling of guilt at having been caught hitting the bag after being expressly forbidden from doing so by both John, Vienna, and Ljuba.

I scramble to clean up, quickly peeling off my shirt and mopping up the sweat before hurrying for the stairs as I start peeling off the tape from my tender knuckles. I'm already at the landing when I remember the tape on my ankles, another curse whispering out under my breath as bite my lip and hesitate just shy of the door.

"Fuck," I breathe as Ljuba knocks again, my heart skipping a bit as I brush it off. Maybe she won't notice. Plastering on my best smile, I open the door. "Hey! I wasn't expecting you, sorry."

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3 Re: Date Night on Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:00 am

I smile broadly when he opens the door, though it falters at his sweaty and disheveled appearance. 

"Yeah, sorry, I should've let you know, but..." I start, slowing as I frown at the realization his hands look used and his ankles taped. "Marn," I whine softly, "They're gonna clear you in just a few weeks, you're going to hurt yourself!"

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4 Re: Date Night on Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:04 am

"I wasn't -," I start before gesturing down at my feet with a whine. "I was kicking! My feet are fine!"

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5 Re: Date Night on Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:11 am

"You can't just kick," I say sharply, looking up at him as I adjust the bag on my side. 

"I just don't want you to really hurt yourself, but..." I sigh, "I'm not here to babysit you. I brought dinner!" I say halfheartedly, "It does require a bit of assembly, though...

"And wine!" I add, grabbing the bag with one arm as I dig in and grab the bottle out as though he could see it, "To celebrate! Lavellan hired me at one of his shops, so I have a proper job, with proper pay!"

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