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Date Night

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166 Re: Date Night on Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:49 am

I can feel the heat from her magic, even at this distance it's uncomfortable. But it's a distraction that gives me a chance to twist my body as I sweep the legs out from under one of my attackers, my grip tightening on another's wrist as I use the momentum in my legs to bring one up and around as I jerk his body down and snap my legs around his neck. After that, it's a simple enough using his unbalanced weight to yank him down into the pavement, his face connecting with the ground where my own blood has pooled from the gash on my forehead.

I don't know if the dead weight of his body is from a loss of consciousness from hitting the pavement, or from the much more ominous snapping I had felt with my calves around his neck, but the momentum and lack of struggling makes it much easier to use that forward motion to roll upright as he lands and I come to a squat over him. My third "friend" is faster to recover than the other two, and even prepared for it, his boot still knocks me back and bursts the air from my lungs as he descends on me.

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167 Re: Date Night on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:00 am

The intoxicating expulsion of magic is short lived as hands descend on me, jerking me upright and away from the now cowering man as I'm brought face to face with one of the men calling the shots. He's cursing me angrily, but I don't understand a lick of what he's saying as he borders on screaming in my face.

I hate that it happens, but as his hand grips my throat my mind is brought immediately to Lavellan. The way his long fingers would pin me to something, the way he'd loom over me, daring me to get my wits about me. How he'd challenge me to keep my head about me despite being terrified of what could happen, and how impressed he seemed to be when it worked. 

"поразот," I hiss through the dislodged mask barely hanging to my face, my teeth gritting around the word. The pulse of energy that emanates from me knocks the men standing directly around me onto their backsides, and my chest puffs a bit proudly despite it's disheveled breathing.

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168 Re: Date Night on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:15 am

As my own attacker descends on me, rather than brace myself or move, I fall back and throw my feet up. His momentum slams his gut and chest into my feet, throwing him over me as I grab onto his shirt front and use his momentum the same way I had his friend's so that his weight pulls me upright, and I'm immediately on my feet and perched on his chest as he hits the ground hard.

I don't wait for him to get his breath back as I twist around back toward Ljuba and use him as a spring board to sprint toward Ljuba. The men around her are still dazed and struggling back upright; the one nearest me barely has his feet back under him when I jump, throwing my own feet out to slam into his chest. It's the first attack that unfolds as intended for me in years as I land perfectly back on my feet before the man has slammed into the wall behind him with stunning force. And the one next to him isn't any luckier as he stares between Ljuba and I, wide-eyed and shocked, until I spin quickly, my boot connecting firmly with his jaw.

I'd feel cocky if the man I'd left behind me didn't suddenly have his arms around me, his weight taking me down to the ground with him as he lands on top of me and tightens his grip, clearly trying to squeeze the breath out of me.

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169 Re: Date Night on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:22 am

"No!" I scream as Marn is taken down in front of me, my hands pulling at his jacket immediately, "Get off him, no!"

With what little magic I had in my arsenal already used up and exposed, it doesn't take them long to figure out I can't do much more than scream and beg this close to Marnin. I couldn't risk him getting caught in anything. My hands are just finding the man's throat when arms wrap around me, too, and jerk me back and away from them as I scream as violently as I can before a fist connected with the side of my skull, silencing me instantly as I'm tossed unceremoniously back against a wall. The alley wavers before me as I struggle to keep upright, the most peculiar smell washing over me before my eye lolls back and my body seizes.

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170 Re: Date Night on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:41 am

"Ljuba!" I scream breathlessly, the sound of her seizure barely registering as I continue to struggle in the crushing grip of my captor. My throat becomes hoarse with screaming - the sound quickly wavering into silence as I wheeze on my attempts to inhale.

"Kill the witch," one of the men barks as I feel his boot kicking at the vice-like arms around my chest, my head beginning to lull with the lack of oxygen. "Let this one watch - or whatever the fuck sorcery he does to see - then kill him, too."

"No!" I manage to force out as a ragged breath is allowed back into my lungs as I'm dragged upright, my arms still pinned to my sides. My insult comes more from their threat to kill Ljuba than it does from my own impending death, the raspy sob that shakes out of me growing fearful as I hear them descend on her - still seizing and unable to fight back. "You fucking cowards! Beating a defenseless woman while she seizes?!?! Let me go! Face me like men!"

"We've nothing to prove to you," the voice I've singled out as the leader responds dismissively, unimpressed by my continued fighting against the iron bands of muscle wrapped tightly around my chest. "You're nothing more than a witch's pet." My screams are broken, failing into weak sobs as he turns away from me and nods toward his men who carry on beating Ljuba relentlessly. "Take her hands, too. For the bounty."

Before I can scream at them further, a crack of gunfire splits the air and I hit the ground in an unceremonious heap. There's a flurry of cursing and ducking as the men scatter, the echo of their footfalls echoing wildly on the alley walls. Scrambling forward, I barely spare so much as a glance toward the source of the gunfire, my only thought on reaching Ljuba's bloodied form sprawled on the pavement.

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