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Bright Lights

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21 Re: Bright Lights on Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:38 pm

"What?" I nearly yelp, the remaining meds in my system doing just enough to dull the pain of his messing with my leg. However, it does little to numb the jolt of pain as I try to reach out to stop him. 

"Stop!" I cry as quietly as I can, trying to grab his arm and failing miserably.

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22 Re: Bright Lights on Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:44 pm

"Absolutely not!" I hiss back at her, catching her arm as she tries to grab me fruitlessly. "This is a hospital, and you are a witch! Places like this exist for people who aren't like us. People who can't accept their mediocrity or swallow their pride and come to the people with the talents to truly help them."

I continue to seethe as I finish removing her catheter, tossing it aside to continue flowing onto the floor where the pump won't pick up that it's been stopped. A simple arc of electricity between my fingers is enough to make the rest of the monitoring equipment malfunction and continue to read despite me yanking them from Ljuba's skin and offering her a hand to help her get up.

"They shouldn't have brought you here," I say firmly, though the anger fades a little as I frown at her. "They should have brought you to me. I am the Grandmaster, and as a witch, you are one of my charges. Had they been sensible, I could have had you patched up and back together two days ago."

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23 Re: Bright Lights on Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:03 am

By the time he's pulled me upright, his hand wrapped around my arm, I'm shaking so heavily it hurts. I don't let it stop me, however, and I drag my legs over the edge of the bed before resting my head against him heavily. 

"I'm going to be sick," I say weakly, shoving him away roughly before sinking onto my knees to the floor. The room spins as I breathe thickly, my arms curled awkwardly against my front given their injured state.

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24 Re: Bright Lights on Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:11 am

I frown sharply and bend down to scoop her back up. Her skin feels hot and damp as I cradle her in my arms. If I weren't so frustrated with her being here, I might feel sympathy for her misery. Instead, carrying her this way is more for my own sanity because I know that my patience wouldn't allow me to listen to her suffering while I waited for her to keep up on her own.

"Hold it down," I say quietly as I carry her out the door, my fingers and arms painted with the black streaks of my magic as I nullify the toxins on my hands - but not all of them. I allow some of it to sink into Ljuba's skin, the streaks traveling up her arms as well as it slowly takes the edge off of her discomfort.

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25 Re: Bright Lights on Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:28 am

My jaw tenses roughly as I try to stop from crying out with each uncomfortable jostle, my ribs aching as he cradles me to his front. My shaking eases, though, the longer he holds me and I find myself looking up at him a bit wistfully as the lights pass overhead. It's a dizzying feeling, and as my eye closes against the sensation I slowly drift off.

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