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The Fuck..?

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11 Re: The Fuck..? on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:50 am

"No, no, not me!" I say quickly, shaking my head as I hold my hands up defensively. "It was my friend... my sister, actually... and now she's having some kind of reaction to whatever plant she used."

"You mean abused," Mairon says sharply as he steps forward to take the bag from Winifred. I cringe a bit as he starts removing the wilted and crushed cuttings from the bag, his fingers feeling over the leaves carefully.

"Yes," I sigh, conceding the point reluctantly. "Abused. Can you help her?"

"Why should I?" Mairon scoffs as he shoves the empty bag into my chest roughly. "Your 'friend' sounds like an idiot who got exactly what she deserved."

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12 Re: The Fuck..? on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:55 am

I frown at the sharp exchange, watching Marion's lips carefully.

"Friend?" I repeat the word, looking to the stranger. Sister, I remember the word being spoken, my features softening as I turn to Mairon. "She could be very hurt," I say, "More was missing than what's in that bag."

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13 Re: The Fuck..? on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:07 am

"I know she's hurt," Mairon practically groans as he tries to drop his voice as though I can't hear the exchange as he turns his head away so I can't see his lips. "She's not having a reaction, Win. She took the blood poppies. The ones I deliberately poisoned to deter people like her. And there's a whole mess of other tainted specimens that were in that bag. If she's lucky, the poppies are the only thing she abused."

"Wait, you poisoned her?" I blurt out in horror, the color draining from my face.

"I didn't poison her, no," Mairon scowls as he glances back toward me. "Like any good gardener, I simply applied a pest repellant to my crops. It's not my fault your sister is one of the pests."

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14 Re: The Fuck..? on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:14 am

"Mairon," I frown, my eyes on his lips as I reach out to grab his wrist softly. "A lot of the blood poppies are gone. You do it to punish her, not him."

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15 Re: The Fuck..? on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:29 am

I can't quite describe the pinched expression on Mairon's face as his hand makes odd symbols in Winifred's palm. My own expression is pleading as I stare at them hopelessly, my breath trapped in my throat as they seem to carry on their own silent conversation.

I can almost feel Mairon's frustration as the woman's gestures become more intent and forceful in his hands, her fingers curling around his wrist as he tries to pull his hand away - presumably to stop listening to her.

"Would it help if I said I could pay you..?" I offer lamely when the stubborn man finally manages to pry his hands free of Winifred's grasp, his features set in a stubborn scowl that almost looks as though he might concede at her behest.

"No," Mairon says gruffly as he continues to avoid letting Winifred take his hands. My heart sinks for a moment at the response before he sighs roughly. "Winifred won't let me take your damned money. Just give me a minute to get my things, and then you can take us to your idiot sister."

"Really?! You'll help??" My whole body seems to breathe a sigh of relief even as Mairon scowls in my direction.

"No promises!" He says gruffly. "If she took as much as I think she did, she may well already be too far gone." His demeanor seens to soften a bit at that as he sighs and heads toward the door to the little cottage. "But I'll do what I can to either save her, or at least see that she passes painlessly."

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