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26Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 11:14 am

The linger of fear in his voice tugs at my chest as I grip at the arm of the sofa in the wake of what had just happened. 

"Chaotic magic... It's raw." I frown softly, rising to my feet and towards him. A pang of guilt takes hold in my gut as I look him over, his entire being wrong. His aged skin is youthful but threatening to tear open under the stress of the magic, and his age shows in his eyes as he looks at me apologetically. 

"I want you to take my hands, but slowly." I say, "I'll hold onto you, not the other way around, okay?"

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27Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 11:42 am

I have to catch myself as she speaks, the urge to grab onto her already present and pressing on me as I try to keep my heartbeat from skittering away from me in fear. Even after I've slowed my hands to let her come to me, I still hesitate, my fingers withdrawing from her touch worriedly. In times of stress, my instinct has always been to draw from other's energy to help level out my anxieties, but something in the back of my mind, that same voice that had told me to stay away, instills a sharp warning not to take in anything else.

After taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, I try again, and hold out my hands. If the moment weren't more dire, I might think to be embarrassed by how much they shake as she takes them. But right now, entrusting my life, my control, my everything to this stranger seems to be a little more indicative to how vulnerable and helpless I've left myself. I find myself staring at her, wondering if she realizes this, and wondering myself if I like this feeling or not.

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28Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 12:00 pm

I let out a slow and even breath, my fingers wrapping around his delicately. His trembling does little to ease my own nerves as I let my hand curl around his, the only sensation being the unnatural warmth of his skin. The hair on the back of my arms is on end as the ethereal black pulses with anticipation, and I offer him a calming smile before nodding and letting my eyes close as my grasp on the barrier preventing his energy from flooding my own slips. 

It takes every ounce of control I have to not let the unease show on my face as an uncomfortable rush of chaotic energy runs through me. It burns through my veins, snaking up my arms and slithering down my spine and up my throat. Time is lost entirely as I struggle to focus on the tenuous link between Aoifa and myself, ready to withdraw at the first glimpse of trouble.

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There's a rush of relief as the energy flows out of me, a tautness in my skin that I hadn't quite noticed before easing as the magic leaves me. The relief is short-lived, however, and I find myself trying to grasp at the magic to hold it in, a tickle of fear keeping me from letting it all go. I don't know if it's the constant state of strange, indescribable hunger I live with, or the fear of what the magic will do to Sylviane that drives me, but I feel increasingly more frantic as I try to grasp at the elusive magic bleeding out of me.

Inhaling sharply, I pull my hands away from the pale woman as I notice the black rising up her lily white arms. Wringing my wrists, I look back and forth between our skin, a heavy scowl pulling at my lips as I shake my head at her.

"You're going to get hurt," I say with frustration and anxiety, both wanting to continue but also afraid of what will happen if we do. "What is this supposed to do?? I'm just putting you at risk, too! I need to go home. I'm not safe to be around!"

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"Aoifa," I whine softly, my ears ringing from the magic, "I can handle this. You don't know what's inside you, what it can do to you.

"It will kill you." I say weakly before wincing slightly at the aching in my scalp and jaw. The chaotic energy is already threatening to dig its way into my bones, clawing its way deeper into my body to take a more permanent hold inside of me. "Chaos colossus spend their entire life, mutating their bodies to handle what is inside of you right now. They turn into monsters just to hold onto it. Even with elven blood in your veins, you're not going to-" I wince again, my words wavering as I continue, "You won't survive the night with it inside you.

"Fuck-" I whine, a hand shooting to my scalp as my nails pry at the leather wrapping the base of my battered horn. I give up trying to loosen the binds, instead bringing my palms together as I turn my attention to getting the magic out instead, a jagged and unruly stone taking shape there before clattering to the ground unceremoniously to make room for another.

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My breathing feels more ragged than it had all night, and I'm forced to take a seat on the edge of the couch as I struggle to get my panic under control. I can feel what she's talking about, the sensation I had attributed to vibration before now taking on a more sinister shape as I feel the itch across my skin as the overwhelmed cells try to rearrange themselves to accommodate the alien magic.

It occurs to me that Sylviane is feeling much the same thing as I find myself staring at her horns a little dazedly. Except my body isn't like hers; it wasn't made to shift and change the way colossus do. Everything about her is made to regulate the incredible magic that her race is capable of - more, less - whatever. They can handle it.

Lucky bastards.

"Okay," I finally mumble, the word barely coming out under the weight of defeat. "Just tell me what to do to help."

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"We're gonna turn it into stones." I say roughly, another hitting the ground at my feet as I feel the energy level out inside of me. The panicked ache in my scalp has dissipated, and I can breathe a bit easier as I look down at the half dozen peculiar stones sitting at my feet. 

"Then we can cut them down for you to use, if you want to."

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"I don't know what I want right now," I force out around the lump in my throat. I can't tell if I want to cry or vomit. Either way, my skin feels hot and I can feel the nerves along my spine tingling, urging me to grab Sylviane's hands the moment she's held them out for mine.

"I can't tell if I'm exhausted or not," I complain as I let the energy flow more freely between us, the dam I'd put on the incoming magic bowing under the weight of the wariness in my bones. "I feel so charged and alive, but... not."

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The initial rush is easier to manage this time, my fingers curling a bit more comfortably in his as I move to sit beside him. I struggle to find words to ease his mind, but the aching prominence of my fangs leaves me silenced instead. What was an uncomfortable hunger just hours before is turning into a fierce thirst, one that threatens to pull my focus from the exchange of magic before us.

Once the load has lessened, I’m more comfortable releasing his hands to make another batch of hasty stones.

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With every exchange, I feel better than the last, though my body sags the more the black on my skin recedes to a more normal level. I find myself leaning into Syvliane's tense frame, her thirst wildly evident from the small amount of magic that filters through from her touch. Still, I can't maintain the energy to remain sitting upright for very long... and honestly, a tiny part of me feels a thrill of excitement courting the danger that is the woman beside me.

"Is it safe yet?" I ask, the question hanging in the air and not quite asking what I mean: can you drink yet? The energy required to form the words to elaborate seems a bit daunting, so instead I scoot in a little closer, nuzzling my lips against the corner of her jaw below her ear, taking no effort to shield the skin this exposes on my own neck.

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My shoulders sag under his weight, sighing weakly under the tickle of his bearded touch. Is it safe yet? Is what safe? I can't help but think even knowing Aoifa is dangerous at this point, but the teasing scent of him, with the lingering smell of my own soaps from his bath, is an enticing mixture, and I find myself nuzzling towards his touch with a quiet keening. 

No part of this is safe. The exchange of magics, of energy. Add bloodletting to the mix and it's downright stupid, but that doesn't stop me as I turn to catch his lips against my own parched kiss. The tension I'd been holding melts at the more intimate touch, my hand cupping his jaw as I twist towards him. My kiss travels lazily across his bearded cheek, the teasing of his pulse under my lips nearly sending me into a frenzy as I grip his jaw more roughly than before, his chance to protest past as my fangs sink into his throat.

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37Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 1:43 pm

What magic is left in me flares with the mixture of pain and arousal, and I wind my arms around her tightly as a pained, yet pleased, noise escapes my throat. What we had been doing up until this point is hardly comparable to the rush of energies that flow between us, the residual chaos magic still sparking along my skin and making the hairs there stand on end. It makes for an interesting sensation when Sylviane's skin is pressed against mine, and I find my hands slipping up under the thin satiny night dress covering her thighs just to chase the tickle of magic dancing between us as I pull her closer to me.

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An entirely separate hunger builds as his hands smooth up my legs, the fabric of my night dress bunching at my hips. The unchecked ebb and flow of our remaining magic builds as my feeding slows to a lazier, more content pace.

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There's still a heavy malaise hanging over me, but the contact with Sylviane's warming skin brings a much needed life to my weighty limbs. My fingers trace over every inch of skin they can find, lazy but hungry for the feel of another person. The moment Sylviane breaks away from my neck, my lips fumble to find hers as I lean into her, coaxing her back onto the couch as I tug at her nightgown.

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His weight settles over me comfortably as I sink back into the couch, my fingers tangling in the damp of his hair as we kiss clumsily. I moan against his lips as his hands move up my sides, his touch electric as he explores my body. The uncomfortable tension that'd been held between us seems to even out, our energies finding their balance as our bodies settle against one another. The lingering smell of his blood is still teasing at me, though, and I pull from the kiss to look up at him dazedly. 

I want to ask if he's okay, to ask what possessed him to go out there after that colossus. To thank him for looking out for me and chastise him for being to reckless with his own well being. For being so thoughtless and careless in coming here. I find myself staring at him, and it isn't until I see his brow pinch in concern that the tears in my eyes even register.

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"Should I go..?" I ask uncertainly, a tension building in the back of my throat over the chance that she might say yes. With all the adrenaline gone and the threat passed, the thought of going back home now, of being alone, now, makes the inside of my chest feel uncomfortably hollow.

Before she can answer, my weight shifts as I drop my head to her shoulder and try to instill a calm and safety in the energy mingling between us, the sound of her heartbeat against my ear bringing a further comfort over me as I press a kiss into her collarbone and murmur against her skin. "Please, say no."

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No,” I breathe, nuzzling into his hair as my arms tangle around him. A leg tangles with his as I press gentle kisses against his temple, coaxing him back up so I can kiss him delicately.

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A pleased hum vibrates in my chest as I return her kiss, the mood between us lazy and comfortable. Her earlier tears are caught on the edge of my thumb as I hold my hand to her cheek, inspecting her features thoughtfully.

"You look different when you're not thirsty," I smile slightly, my fingers going to comb through her hair where they linger near the horn she always seems to keep wrapped in leather.

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44Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 5:41 pm

"You mean, I don't look at you like you're a meal all the time?" I ask lamely, laughing softly as I turn into his touch gently. My breathing catches slightly as I feel his fingers brush against the sensitive scalp near my horns.

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45Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 5:50 pm

"Something like that," I laugh before noting her reaction to my touch, my brow pinching together a bit as I move my fingers elsewhere. "More like... you don't look like you're in as much pain," my gaze lingers on her horn for a moment before offering her a soft smile. "Sometimes, anyway."

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"Ah," I nod, wiggling under him to scoot further up to the arm of the couch, resting back against it slightly as I settle back under his weight. 

"Do you want to see them..?" I ask after a moment, gauging his reaction before I reach towards them to unfasten the pins holding the strips of leather in place. The right one is undone in seconds, only a few quick twists of leather loosening the false horn and the makeshift prosthetic coming loose in my hand to expose the short stump beneath. Setting it aside, I work on the left, the leather taking longer to unravel as there's no prosthetic hiding underneath. Instead, the dark brown horn is marred and scarred, the should-be ridged finish jagged with evidence of the attempt at its removal.

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"Did someone try to take them??" I ask as I move to settle my weight into a more comfortable position, my lips lingering on her shoulder for a moment before I sit up a little to see the broken remnants of her horns. I frown at the damage, my fingers lingering near her cheeks before I peel my eyes away to press an almost angrily, possessive kiss to her lips.

"Did they get what they deserved?"

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48Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 6:26 pm

"I wish," I whisper in response, my eyes closing against his proximity. "It was decades ago, though. If they didn't hurt, it wouldn't even cross my mind anymore."

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49Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 7:22 pm

"In light of recent events," I start casually as I let my fingers trace along her jawline. "How terribly annoyed would you be if I asked what they looked like?"

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50Monsters & Traitors - Page 2 Empty Re: Monsters & Traitors on Mon May 06, 2019 7:56 pm

I grin slightly as I twist my head to look at him, reaching up to let my fingers trace against his before tangling with them. 

"It was sixty years ago, at least." I laugh, "And I did bite one of them... I'm actually not allowed back in that city."

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